Be Kind

One of the reasons I'm quitting my job is that at my job I see a lot of greed, misogyny, complacency, apathy, and disrespect. It's really an unhealthy environment that goes against how I was raised to act, and what I was taught to value. I believe in the inherent worth and dignity of every person. I believe that all human relations should have justice, equity and compassion.

Today I realized that I've let my job get to me. Lately, I've been cynical about humanity. I've been rude to and judgmental of other humans. Admitting this regrettable behavior to myself was hard. No one can disappoint you more than yourself.

So why am I declaring this on the all-public internet? I hope the transparency of this medium will help hold me accountable. I simply cannot excuse my lapse in moral integrity. I am resolved be kind. I will live my life with more empathy and compassion. And, I will be a better and happier person for it.

As a humanist, nothing can be more depressing than loosing your faith in humanity. I must remember that there is the potential for greatness in every person. You cannot truly recognize your own worth until you recognize the worth of everyone else. If I act with the respect they deserve, I will have my faith restored.

We are awesome. You are awesome. I am awesome.

At first I was scared to take this trip alone. Now I am looking forward to it. I need some time by myself to reset my morality and adjust my behavior. Hopefully, the solitude will make me appreciate people again.

To anyone I harassed last night, and to everyone I've been disrespectful to recently, I am very sorry. You deserve better.
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  1. This is probably going to sound really broad and unnecessary but yeah, it's really hard to, like, put up dividers in your life to stop stuff like work nonsense from spilling over into human relationships. It sucks. Good luck on your trip.

  2. sometimes the obvious does need to be restated. thanks, joe!

  3. Thanks, Sachi, I look forward to seeing you next week and really want to catch up some before you go. I really think this trip, the decisions that led up to it, and what you are willing to share on your blog are awesome.

  4. humanity can be sometimes a distraction in the pursuit of success and dreams. To rise above those that surround you must shed your warmth and welcome the coldness of space!


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