Day 16: Goonies Never Say Die

Actually slept in for once. Is it possible that my insomnia is subsiding? Somehow I've already put 5,000 miles on my car since Memorial Day, so once I got rolling today I found the closest Toyota service center. They passed my car Sal with a clean bill of health, and prepared him to take on the wilds of Alaska.

Said my goodbyes to Josh, mailed some postcards, and set out to cut back to the Pacific Coast Highway from Eugene on the 5. Aside from the occasional beach resort town, most of the scenery involved pastured cows and rugged coastline. Only north western coastlines ever seem to have lands where farms meet the sea. I kept looking for cowboys to my right and pirates to my left on classic climbs and bends of the PCH. Such fun!

I've been too sad on this trip. I need to remember my mantra to get happy. I'm moving, singing, loving, and living with more integrity than before. Besides a good man, what more could I want? This is my greatest adventure to date. Sure the uncertainty is terrifying, but if I knew what I was doing and how I was getting there, it wouldn't be an adventure.

Rejoice! It's all happening. This land that's your land and my land is strange and wonderful, verdant and fruitful. We got it all. And oh my goodness, the sun! Happy summer solstice, dear readers. I hope you took some time to revel in the light these long days.

Went to Astoria mostly because they filmed The Goonies here. Found an amazing brewery and restaurant called Fort George Brewery and Public House. Best food and drink of the trip so far, and they were playing Wilco and Jurassic 5. A perfect random gem of a road trip find.

I've got to make Vancouver, British Columbia by tomorrow night, but there are a lot of possibilities between here and there and not many plans. Possibly Olympic National Park? Or maybe I'll go to my favorite eatery in Vancouver?

Remember: life is beautiful.
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