Day 43: Tramps Like Us

A day of accomplishing small tasks. Made oatmeal for breakfast. Moved to a campsite within view of the bay. Got a map of the Tongass National Forest. Went to the visitors center at Mendenhall Glacier to talk to a park ranger for info and trails and firewood.

Mendenhall is a great glacier, because John Muir found it, it has a lot of trails, and you can actually hike on it. It's lesser qualities include being the closest to the city, and consequently a destination for cruise ship tourists. I did the mile walk to Nugget Falls, a massive waterfall that feeds into the same lake as the glacier. On the way I called home, as I've done every sunday of this trip. The conversation was good, and the view was pristine, but there were simply just too many tourists. As yet another bus load of people arrived, I gave up and headed to town for ice cream and internets.

Back at the Juneau Library I spent some time on CouchSurf trying to find a host in Missoula. Mailed more postcards. Returned to camp. Collected enough driftwood for a fire. Cooked dinner and roasted marshmallows for s'mores. Nothing too exciting, but a good day all around.

The tide is up. The coals have burned toasty and low. The bushes still have berries. There's leftover lentils, rice and veggies for my next lunch. Above my head bald eagles are calling. The weather is dry, clouds are few. I can smell the sea a calling. Tomorrow I will touch a glacier with my own two paws. Then late in the evening I'll board the ferry, and me and my car will cast off for more southern shores.
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