The Weekly Roundup: 8.27.2010

Baths - Lovely Bloodflow
One of the new releases I had dearly wanted to review and feature this summer on Tuesday Is For Tunes had I not been on the road was Cerulean, the debut album from Baths. The creative outpouring of Will Wiesenfeld, Baths is beat-driven avant ambiance with enough vocals and found sound samples to make my ears lustful. This week they premiered a surreal music video complete with strange shapes and haunting figures. Definitely worth watching.

Freak Of Confectionery Nature
What candy is ten inches tall, weighs five pounds, is bigger than a football, and has over 12,600 calories? The world's largest gummy bear! Handmade in North Carolina, but available for order online, this singular confection is over one thousand times larger than your average bear. Just the thought that this exists is both a little terrifying and a lot mesmerizing for me. Available in fun flavors like sour apple and cherry cola, I'm not sure if this makes more sense as a gag gift, a parent's worst nightmare, or to make someone's wildest dreams come true.
The World's Largest Gummy Bears

I don't speak Spanish, but apparently MiraRuido means LookNoise. Perfect, absolutely perfect. It is what Spanish designer Joseba Elorza collectively calls his creations, digital collages sometimes visual and other times aural. I like an artist who can articulate an aesthetic, idea, or dream through many mediums, very admirable.

Fly Alone (2010)

Eluvium/Four Tet Remix
This week Pitchfork posted a sweet new track: a remix of the Eluvium song The Motion Makes Me Last by Four Tet. I like Eluvium, but to listen to Similes, the full-length release of earlier this year, in large doses requires a particularly morose mood. It's nice to hear Kieran Hebden meld in the effervescent vocals and solid beat of There Is Love In You, Four Tet's 2010 full-length release. It makes for a quite intriguing listen. The remix will be included on Leaves Eclipse the Light, a limited edition EP that Eluvium will be releasing September 14th. You can give the track a listen over at Pitchfork.
Listen: Four Tet Remixes Eluvium by Tom Breihan

Jack Daniel's Ice Cream
This summer at the Wake and Bake Cafe in Moab, Utah I had Jack Daniel's ice cream for the first time, and fell in love. Doubters doubt not! It had chocolate chips in it, and I swear it was some of the best ice cream I've ever had. Since I couldn't stop thinking of it, and don't know when I'll be back to beautiful Moab, I went looking for a recipe. As per usual, had my back. Looks like it's time to borrow my lil bro's ice cream maker. I gonna go all kinds of DIY on this.
Jack Daniel's Chocolate Ice Cream

Great Minds
My dear friend Marcus Price made this, because he's amazing. Though we don't get to spend any where near as much time together as we ought to, it seems like we're still completely on the same wavelength. Great minds think alike. True friendship knows no time or distance apart.