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Back On The Road (Pt. 6)

View Larger Map So very sorry for the lack of updates, dear readers. Apparently your band is small, but dedicated. Thank you for your support from the bottom of my heart. Unfortunately, the technology gods saw fit to continue my year of computer suffering, which has made maintaining this fine interweb publication rather difficult. However, Philadelphia thieves be damned, I'm now on computer #5 of the last 365 days. Fie! Fie, I say! Now, where were we? I believe I was chronicling my southeastern road trip of late June/early July, and had just left New Orleans for Savannah. Finally started coming down from my New Orleans high around midnight somewhere on the border of Mississippi and Alabama. Implemented nap/drive/burrito mode and arrived back in Savannah by noon the next day. Originally I had planed to explore Atlanta, one of the few big America cities I have yet to visit, but I had so much fun with my couchsurf hosts in Savannah, Fin and Isaac, that I had to go back for more. Plus,