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Top 20 Songs of October 2015

Every month I comb through all the new releases and personally select the top 20 best songs released that month. Then I lovingly craft them into a play list for your--yes YOU--listening pleasure. It's like a mixtape of the month club, but via the interwebz. Follow my Best New Music of 2015 playlist on Spotify, for all the updates and rad new tunes.

The season of parties approaches, and while I may have bumped a lot of these jams (isn't that what the kids call it these days?) at my Halloween party, I feel confident that many of these tunes are solid enough to keep in rotation to NYE and into 2016. Moreover, it would seem that indie artists have been on a bit of a mission to appropriate and reinvent country music. A revolution that I fully approve of, and can't stop listening too. That said, October was a fantastic month for new releases, and it was very hard to whittle down my favorites to just 20 songs. All the artists are gearing up to impress for 'Best of 2015' l…