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Sound Sounds 05.08.16

Here's another episode of my new show, Sound Sounds. I'll try uploading a few more of these as I'm able, but busy business time-ness has taken over my life recently and is unlikely to move along any time soon. See, I've working on a super secret, super special new project...Stay tuned. In the meantime, if you're desperate for new tunes, I recommend that you follow me on Spotify . I'm still working hard to stay on top of all the new releases every week, and will occasionally go a delightful bender of digging, diving deep into a random subgenre or back catalog of my fancy. This episode begins a little lo-fi, indie and quickly ramps up to a good-times, finger-taping, head-bobbing, joy ride. If you're not careful, you might even dance. It's got an R&B finish, with notes of awesomesauce, and pairs well with your drive home or a thorough spring cleaning. Hear new music from Modern Baseball, Mayor Hawthorne, and Kaskade. Discover new artists like Yoke Lor

Sounds Sounds 05.01.16

Earlier this year a couple of my dear fellow music nerd friends, DJ Hannarchy and DJ Sweet & Loew, decided to do an alumni radio show on KXSC for old time sake (a.k.a. C A N 'T S T O P W O N 'T S T O P W U T). We dubbed this new mashed up oddity Sound Sounds, and thus a thin excuse for a weekly new music swap was born. In return, the station gave us 3 interns to train, because #adulting. From listening party to attempting to set a good example for future college radio DJs, I was too busy to record every episode. Then during finals and a fine spring weekend, I was left to my lonesome in the studio for 2 hours. The following is my solo show in entirety for those, who missed it live. It's an eclectic mix of fresh new tracks, including Domo Genesis, Bleached, Declan McKenna, Rostam, and Future Elevators. RIYL discovering new artists and getting caught up on the best new music of 2016. Keep your ears open, kids. Playlist Where Are U Now - Bonzai Dapper - Domo Ge