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2011 Year In Review

2011 was a busy year full of changes and sounds for both new music collectively, and on a quite micro level the author of this fine interwebz publication. So very many good and interesting noises! So very many big moves both temporally and psychically! It was quite difficult to pick my top 20 of 2011. A top 50 album list might do the talent and breadth of new music more justice, and I'm afraid I haven't so diligently attended and curated this year's releases as in previous years. Travels, moves to Los Angles, and grad school have kept me distracted from true passions. However, there's much to be aurally cherished in 2011, and 2012 is shaping up to take my musical ardor to new heights with my own radio show, MAKE MORE NOISE, on KXSC, the student run radio station of USC. Listen up! Stay tuned!

1. 6/21/2011 - Bon Iver - "Towers" - Bon Iver

Where Bon Iver's first album, For Emma, Forever Ago, was inspired by a heartbreak and showcased an inchoate solo talent,…

Back On The Road (Pt. 8)

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Anxious to get to Halifax at an early hour, I woke the guys up before 6am with the heavy scent of bacon and the purposeful clanking and banging of cookware. Groggily they stumbled out of their bedrooms, apologetically hungover, and insistent that they were ready to go. In the gray, early morning light we ate breakfasted, washed the dishes, wrote Evan's uncle a thank you note for the hospitality, and packed up. With one last look in the rear view mirror at the little summer home, and misty loon lake, we set off for Canada with haste.

The main highway through New Brunswick has few exits, and travels through monotonously rolling, sparse hills. Tired from the previous days adventures, I probably would have fallen asleep at the wheel, if Evan had not been sitting in the front seat dramatically imparting his life story to me. Filled with sagely epiphanies, tales of love found then lost, and spanning several continents, he spun it out over hours, never requiring any comment…

Laissez Les Bons Temps Rouler

Took a little down south road this summer, and stopped in one of my favorite places in the USA, New Orleans, a town just buzzing with creativity, potential, and adventure. There are so many artists and side streets. Love it! Took some pictures of street performers, an antique book store, painters, and pets. This is what I got, and I can't wait to go back for more. Curious? Bored? For a more full and colorful description of my recent trip to NOLA, check out my On The Road travel journal entry, Back On The Road (PT.5).

Media Convergence

You don’t have to be familiar with the academic literature that has established media convergence as social science theory to be aware of its existence. The processes and effects of media convergence have transcended technology and Hollywood, and are now reflected in nearly every facet of our lives. For instance, when innovation brings streaming television to our mobile phones, not only with it mark an important milestone for technological convergence, perhaps the ultimate fulfillment of Negroponte’s switch, but it will change where, when, why, and how we are entertained forever. Social media, broadband penetration, mobilization, media corporation consolidation, and FCC deregulation are all aspects of media convergence. Although they may be debated and enacted at the macro level, such media phenomenon impact how individuals interact socially, access new information, and express their values every day.

Moreover, such development in media convergence will most likely involve the consider…

Delaware Dog Days

Taken in Delaware during the hazy dog days of summer with my Holga 120 TLR. Feedback sincerely desired. If you enjoyed that, I've got five more rolls getting developed right this fine holiday season. Get excited.

Make More Noise (pilot episode)

Sachi Subterranean, the author of this fine interwebz publication, is broadcasting live, online, and on the AM radio waves of Los Angeles. That's right, someone was short sighted enough to grant me the authenticity of broadcast. Look out, FCC! The pilot episode of Make More Noise with Sachi Subterranean broadcasted a couple weeks ago, but if you missed it, don't fret. You can listen to a stream of the live broadcast right here, and on Mixcloud. The pilot episode features my top 20 albums of 2011 in chronological order of release. A list ordered by fav-ness is forth coming, so stay tuned, dear readers.

Make More Noise pilot by Orsosachisays on Mixcloud
Top 20 of 2011 in Chronological Order
1/25/2011 - Cloud Nothings - "Understand At All" - Cloud Nothings
2/4/2011 - James Blake - "Wilhelms Scream" - James Blake
2/8/2011 - Cut Copy - "Take Me Over" - Zonoscope
2/18/2011 - Radiohead - "Separator" - King Of Limbs
3/1/2011 - The Rural Alberta Advant…