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Back On The Road (Pt. 7)

View Larger Map In July, I was back at home for a few days for a friend's birthday, obligatory Delaware beach trip, and to throw an epic house show: 12 bands, grilling, kiddie pool, water balloons, and a whole lot of party favors. But, when the dust and debris from the show cleared, I set off for the northern leg of this summer's road trip adventures. Oh Canada! As usual, got started late. My desire to get sent off in style is never conducive to an early start the next day. Besides the dirty laundry, I never really unpacked from my drive down to Miami and New Orleans. I just grabbed a couple cardigans, Google mapped the directions on my phone, and took off...just in time to hit the traffic of New Yorkers escaping New York north of the city. By the time I reached the portion of the state directly across the lake from my destination, Burlington, Vermont, it was 9pm in the pitch black of the middle of nowhere. That's when I discovered that the Google map directions included ta


Legislative Influence (2011) by Shepard Fairey I believe in the Occupy movement. If for some reason you don't know what I'm talking about, here's a quick run down. About a month ago people started to camp out day and night in lower Manhattan to protest corporate greed, and express their disgust with the current economic and political situation. They called themselves Occupy Wall Street , #OWS in tweet speak. Since their sentiments spoke so poignantly to the general malaise that seems to have griped our country since the 2008 crash and subsequent bailout, the movement quickly spread to other cities. Recent financial catastrophes have finally exposed the risky investments corporations were making in the name of short term greed, the growing divide between the richest 5% and the 95% of the rest of us, and the impotence of a government essentially bought by lobbyists. If you are even remotely aware of this situation, it's hard not to be a little upset. Or, maybe you don&#