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Sequoia: Autumn

These photos are almost 2 years old. They were taken in the fall of 2014 on a trip to Sequoia National Park with my brother, who is also my best friend and confidant. I don’t often add personal commentary to my photo posts. It’s easier to let the photos speak for themselves and just throw in a few notes about what equipment I used or the trail I took. However, I’ve been avoiding developing this photo series, because they made me feel sad in a confused sort of way. It’s been a struggle, but I’ve finally pushed through, and I’m left with an unavoidable emptiness. For me this series has always been about heading up into the void, a tutorial in embracing uncertainty with relish, or perhaps conversely letting it enfold you like a warm coat that’s a perfect fit. Yet, looking back, time has added a new element. Now this series is also about grappling with the grains of truth that were hidden in my brooding thoughts; the internal dialogues that I went to the void to comparatively diminish