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Longwood Gardens

If you're ever in Philly (and have access to have a car), you need to make sometime for a picturesque drive out of the city to the rolling fields and shady glens of Chester County. Down Route 1, know to locals as Baltimore Pike, past Brandywine Battlefield State Park and the Brandywine River Museum, home to a large collection of Wyeth family artwork, but before you reach Kennett Square, you'll find Longwood Gardens. Once the private estate and grounds of Pierre S. du Pont, the gardens are now open to the public and in addition to being otherworldly gorgeous, they have fountain shows, theatrical events, and a working horticulture school. When I visited last summer the new edition was a native plant field. While this may not be as stunning as the Italian water garden, I love it because it embodies all that make this area beautiful. This is the land that inspired Andrew Wyeth's paintings. This is what home looks like to me.

Top 20 Songs of May 2015

It's late, but it's here: the Top 20 Songs of May 2015! Sorry for the delay, dear listeners. I've been exploring Mexico on a much needed vacation, and will eventually make it up to you with beautiful adventure photos. Now for your regularly scheduled programming.

Yep, yep, you know that I go
This is me on the regular, so you know

'On The Regular' - Shamir
First up on the top 20 tunes, is Shamir. Don't let his voice fool you. He's burst on the scene this past year with sounds that are both reminiscent of the best that 90s hip hop had to offer and strangely push the limits of the genre. He clearly owns his distinctive voice, and is looking for meaningful things to say with it. Keep an eye on this kid. Hot on his heals are a couple of more upbeat, dance-y tracks to get you in a good summer time mood. There's a new track from the bird and the bee called 'Will You Dance?', which offers a new more synth based sound for this indie pop duo from Los Angel…