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Top 20 Songs of February 2015

It was a 'go big or go home' kind of month for new music in February. Artists were dropping big sounding singles all over the place in preparation to take 2015 by storm with new albums. This could really be an interesting year for music. There's a lot of innovative sounds that have brewing in the underground for a little while now, and finally seem poised, ripe and ready, to break forth fully formed. First, punk seems ready for a come back, but this isn't your dad's lo-fi, 'fist in the air high above a mohawk' punk or even the stripped down no-fi emotional outpourings of hipsters pretending that they learned their instruments last week. New artists are clearly nodding to the punk aesthetic of noisy guitars while making the most of new production techniques, and being free to explore lyrically outside of the traditional ideology: anarchy and being young bored. With a number of ladies leading this charge, Courtney Barnett is at the forefront. The Aussie'