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Top 20 Songs of September 2015

Every month I comb through all the new releases and personally select the top 20 best songs released that month. Then I lovingly craft them into a play list for your--yes YOU--listening pleasure. It's like a mixtape of the month club, but via the interwebz. Follow my Best New Music of 2015 playlist on Spotify, for all the updates and rad new tunes. Not sure what's in the air. Maybe it's the changing of the seasons? Something is different, and this month's playlist has a distinct vibe. I hesitate to be reductionist, but let's say it's emotional. It's got the feelz. All of them. The beginning half has a lot of pensive electo things going on. About half way through there's a generous dollop of emo folk punk before descending into blues influences. Perhaps you might think this is too much feelz? Well, it's autumn people. The days are growing shorter and our ancestors would have been worried about surviving the winter. It's not all pumpkin lattes a