Or So Sachi Says began in November 2009 as both a distraction and a motivation. YAY, duality! Regardless of contradicting causalities, the end result has been a fanatical outpouring of music nerd-outs, amateur photography, college radio shows, experimental cooking, airing of existential crises, travelogues, and miscellaneous projects and events. It is a most excellent time-suck for both the writer and the readers.

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Or So Sachi Says is designed, written, and published by Sachi Subterranean.

Sachi Subterranean is a part-time existentialist, transcendentalist, post-modernist, culture vulture, and urban cowgirl. She enjoys sucking out all the marrow of life, creating/crafting, reveling in the great outdoors, traveling roads, and sounding her barbaric yawp. Her interests include revelations, communications, American ethnomusicology, independent music business, wanderers who are not lost, sociocultural studies, and public radio.

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