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A lot of people go to Sequoia National Park to see the trees, some of the largest in the world, but I prefer the mountains. Hiking around the high sierras makes me feel like John Muir or Ansel Adams. I also took the time to head down to the Mineral King area located on the south side of the park. This less frequented area was gorgeous. It might not have had any gigantic sequoias, but it did remind me of Glacier National Park, which was nicknamed the Alps of America. These photos were taken with a Nikon AW100, and lightly touched up.

Down In The Valley 023: Best Americana of 2012 Review

Mountain Momma reviews some of the best new Americana and folk releases of 2012, including Alabama Shakes, Calexico, and Bowerbirds. Tune in to hear some favorites or catch what you might have missed. DJ Intern Old Man River rounds out the hour with a special guest set of some of his personal favorite country classics. Down In The Valley broadcasts live on, 1560AM Los Angeles, a service of the University of Southern California.

Down In The Valley 023: Best Americana of 2012 Review by Orsosachisays on Mixcloud

For LA - Yukon Blonde
Fit Against the Country - Horse Feathers
Lightshow - Plants and Animals
Disappear - Patterson Hood
Never Meant to Love You - Cory Chisel and the Wandering Sons
Now That The Night Has Come - The Lost Brothers
Lay Down - Alberta Cross
Splitter - Calexico
February Seven - The Avett Brothers
Hang Loose - Alabama Shakes
Ho Hey - The Lumineers
In The Yard - Bowerbirds

***Special Guest Set By DJ Intern Old Man River***
Ghost Riders In The Sky - John…

Marketing Philanthropy in Post-Modernity

In 2013, KXSC will hold their first membership drive and fundraiser. We’re hoping to use the crowdfunding platform, Kickstarter, to raise $5,000 in donations. We’re also planning to sign up local businesses and alumni of the station to give matching donations at $500 increments. Thus, if ten matching donations are made, one for each $500 increment of the $5,000 Kickstarter goal, we will raise an additional $5,000. Finally, we are seeking $5,000 in internal funding and grants. Therefore, if all three campaigns are successful, Kickstarter, donation matching, and internal grants, we will raise $15,000 in one month. To promote the station and help ensure the success of the fundraiser, the station is holding eight events throughout the month of fundraising, and will broadcast live 24 hours a day for the last two weeks of the drive.
I have the distinct honor of organizing and executing this mammoth campaign, and have consequently spent a lot of time recently contemplating the nature of phil…

The Worst Question To Ask A Music Nerd

I wrote this 12-page response to my professors simple question, "What's your taste in music?"

Probably the worst question you can ask a music enthusiast is “What kind of music do you like?” That question inspires an immediate revulsion, followed by a swift racking of the brain for acceptable parameters to define “like” and “good”, abstract terms we use colloquially all the time, but often resist defining. What does that simple question mean? Does it mean what music are you currently listening to most frequently? Does it mean what music has had the biggest impact on your life? Does it mean what new music are you most excited about? Does it mean what music are you listening to now that you could also enjoy 20 years from now? Could you answer it with a list of artists? Could you answer it with a list of genres? Or, would you need a descriptive paragraph or two to really capture your tastes? Along those lines, will you care if people judge your tastes based on your answer?