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Make More Noise 57

I must say that I'm particularly proud of this bright, but intriguing playlist featuring some of the best new releases of 2014. Spanning the gambit of indie genres from rock to pop to dance to experimental, it's a thoroughly enjoyable overview of the current musical landscape particular to college radio. This set features new music from alt-J, Hozier, and Glass Animals. Tune in live from 8pm to 9pm PT on (brought to you by USC). Make More Noise 57 by Sachi Subterranean on Mixcloud Playlist Busy Earnin' - Jungle Left Hand Free - alt-J Pools - Glass Animals #88 - Lo-Fang Howling At The Moon - Phantogram Holiday - Teebs feat. Jonti Carmine - Cloud Boat Paradise Waiting - Vacationer Gold Silver Diamond - Generationals Philosophize In It! Chemicalize With It! - Kishi Bashi Work Song - Hozier Any Wonder - Yellow Ostrich Leaves Like Glass - Woods Hips - Astro Tan Chin-don-ya - Monster Rally Elon Mentana - Clap! Clap!, DJ Khalab

Petrified Forest

Back in January my boyfriend and I took a little southwest road trip that began with New Years Eve in Prescott, Arizona and swung through most of western New Mexico before returning to Los Angeles via the southernmost route. In between Prescott and Santa Fe, we detoured from Interstate 40 to take a drive through Petrified Forest National Park . I've driven this section of I-40 at least 10 times, and had never had the time for this detour before. Unfortunately, we arrived only two hours before the park closed for the night, so we had to rush through a lot of the scenery. But, I will say the winter sun setting lends this series some delightfully dramatic photos. PS. Additional photos from this wonderful road trip will be posted soon, including photos of Saguaro National Park.

Make More Noise 56

2014 is already shaping up to be a great year for new music with established innovators like How To Dress Well, Tune-Yards, and Sondre Lerche all releasing highly anticipated new albums. It's also seen the arrival of some interesting new players like Sylvan Esso and Tweens. With half the year already come and gone it can feel like there's a lot to catch up on, if you haven't been listening to much new music lately. Luckily, I've scoured several best-of-2014-so-far lists by reputable sources, and distilled my favorites into this episode of Make More Noise. Hope you enjoy, all you dear listeners you! And as always, much thanks to KXSC and USC for letting me take over the airwaves every Tuesday from 8pm to 9pm PT. Make More Noise 56 by Sachi Subterranean on Mixcloud Playlist Very Best Friend - How To Dress Well MTLOV (Minor Keys) - A Sunny Day In Glasgow Seasons (Waiting On You) - Future Islands Do I Have The Time - Jessica Lea Mayfield HEAL - Strand of Oaks F

Make More Noise 55 (Laurel Canyon Edition)

Laurel Canyon is a comparatively secluded neighborhood in the hills north of Hollywood full of verdant nooks and crannies. It's stunningly beautiful, and somehow very removed from the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles. In the mid 1960s it became a hotbed for creative collaboration. Emerging musical talents met, exchanged ideas, and became friends, resulting in a number of landmark bands from the era including Buffalo Springfield, Love, and Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young. Though it's renowned may have faded a bit since the 1970s, the area remains a have for musicians with folk tendencies, who carry on the canyon's musical traditions. Come listen to the history of Laurel Canyon beginning with The Modern Folk Quarter in 1963 and ending with some contemporary artists, like Johnathan Wilson in this special edition of Make More Noise. Brought to you by and the University of Southern California. Make More Noise 55 (Laurel Canyon Edition) by Sachi Subterranean on Mix