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Make More Noise 008

What were you listening to this time last year? I documented a new song every day of last March in The Daily Dose Project. On this edition of MAKE MORE NOISE, I recap all the songs that have stood the test of time, and are still worth a listen. Relive the discovery of new music, or hear quality tunes you might have missed. MAKE MORE NOISE is brought to you thanks to, a service of USC, 1560AM Los Angeles.

Make More Noise 008 by Orsosachisays on Mixcloud

I’m Not Afraid To Wait For You – Two Bicycles
Movement – Dam Mantle
Lover’s Carvings – Bibio
If I Had A Boat – James Vincent McMorrow
Brother Sparrow – Agnes Obel
Down In The Valley – The Head And The Heart
Model Son – The Heavenly States
Anna Sun – Walk The Moon
Manners – Icona Pop
Cheerleader – We Are Losers
Hey Cool Kid – Cloud Nothings
DNA – The Kills
Caffeinated Consciousness – TV On The Radio
Older Together – Black Light Dinner Party
TAOS – Menomena
Live Those Days Tonight – Friendly Fires
Hauntin Me – Keep Shelly In Athens

Away to SXSW We Go! (Part 5)

Friday, March 16th at SXSW 2012 may have been the best day of my life. Got up early and made it to the convention center before all the traffic. Went to a pretty good panel on publishing, a great panel on home recording, and a superb panel on the power of radio to break bands. One of my industry idols, Bruce Warren, was a panelist, and I was fan-girl enthralled to meet him. Bruce Warren is the executive producer of World Café Live, and program director at NPR member station WXPN in Philadelphia. I grew up listening to him on the radio, his taste in music is delightful, and he has my dream career. Watching him discuss the future and power of public radio with Jim McGuinn from KCMP The Current was like catching pearls of wisdom and promise as they dropped from heaven. Radio is best local, radio hosts add soul, and NPR numbers are on the rise. O' sing the good word!

Next, I went to a panel on the rise and changes classical music is undergoing, and found even more NPR idols. I disc…

Away to SXSW We Go! (Part 4)

Since I had zero interest in the activities surrounding Bruce Springsteen's keynote speech, Thursday got started late. After the marathon roadtrip to Austin, the hectic schedule of panels all day and showcases all night was wearing me out. I wasn't sleeping well and I felt as thin as paper. I meant to get to the convention center by 1pm, but the afternoon traffic and parking was so congested, that it took four times as long to get there than usual. I ended up missing the first panel I had wanted to go to, but learned an important lesson about getting to downtown as early as possible during SXSW. By 2:30 I was finally situated at the panel on independent managers. Over the years I managed a lot of local bands with varying success, but always gotten tired of negotiating expectations on that long scramble towards the glimmer of fame. However, hearing these super intelligent, awesomely experienced managers talk about the future of the industry once again sparked my passion for m…

Away to SXSW We Go! (Part 3)

Got started nice and early on Wednesday, my tiny heart filled with eager ambition. I went to a fantastic panel about crowd-sourcing that was moderated by the owner and founder of RocketHub, and chock full o' facts to spark my imagination on new projects for the radio station. Then I watched I guy from the BBC debate a guy from the CBC about the role nonprofit state media, and the appropriateness of public, private, and corporate funding. It was interesting, but so far removed from the funding and structure of NPR and PBS that I found little applicable to American public media. There was a short break in between panels, so I ran down to the exhibit hall stage in time to catch Dustin Wong play a couple songs. Under the stale florescent lights on a stage of pieced together risers wearing only socks, no shoes, Dustin Wong looped and layered his guitar in to complex songs as he sung with every fiber of his being. I could not believe the handful of suits watching the performance were…

Away to SXSW We Go! (Part 2)

I approached the first day of my first SXSW with trepidation. It had been built too high in my mind and then crumbled a bit, so I was proceeding with caution to preserve any chance for awesomeness. Woke up early, ate a hearty breakfast, and went with Brandon, our advisor who also had a badge, to the convention center. Before noon parking wasn't too bad, and we were soon entering the monolithic building with big eyes. It felt like high school when I'd go to Model UN conferences with a carefully constructed veneer of professionalism, but underneath I was a bundle of anxious nerves, mouth shaped in a perpetual "oh!" of wonder. We got our badges quickly, and entered the trade show in the main hall where we were bombarded by all manner of exhibitors hawking barely useful wares with enough spectacle to make P.T. Barnum proud. A sucker born every minute. Bemused, we breezed through the trade show, pausing momentarily at only a handful of booth. The Memphis exhibit at least …

Away to SXSW We Go! (Part 1)

Dear, readers! I'm headed to my first SXSW. Way back in the day when I was but a wee music industry intern, a wise bossman once told me not to attend the massive conference until I could get someone else to pay for my badge. Well, thanks to my master's program and KXSC Radio that day has finally come. Friday evening with my trusty Toyota, Sal, chock full of fellow lady radio staff members, snack rations, and sleeping bags we ambitiously set off on a wing, a prayer, and a tight budget.After 3 hours of stop-and-go traffic we finally cleared Los Angeles City limits, and lit out into the desert with the setting sun full in the rear view mirror. The goal was a cheap motel in Tuscon, but after an epic search for burritos in Indigo and the timezone shift, we didn't reach the town until 2am local time. The station's general manager, Alex had been reading me The Hunger Games, the moon was bright, and I was still full and awake. Rather than waste money on a motel, we took a quic…

Make More Noise 007

Spinning new releases from February 28th, as well as favorite tunes for a comforting and pensive mood, at least in this DJ's humble opinion, this is the seventh episode of MAKE MORE NOISE with Sachi Subterranean. Listen live on Tuesdays 12 to 2pm PST, except next week when I'll be at SXSW sample plenty fine noise-makers for your future listen pleasure. Stay tuned to KXSC Radio, a service of the University of Southern California, at 1560AM in Los Angeles and around the world.
Make More Noise 007 by Orsosachisays on Mixcloud
Polaroyced - Mouse On Mars
The Sun Of The Natural World Is Pure Fire - Jim Jarmusch & Jozef Van Wissem
Walk With Me - Memoryhouse
Know Me - Frankie Rose
Lafaye - School Of Seven Bells
Leaving Eden - Carolina Chocolate Drops
Lightshow - Plants And Animals
Issue Generator (forEliane Radigue) - Keith Fullerton Whitman
Mary Lou - Black Mountain
Open - Rhye
Never Again - Bahamas
Action Words - Share Palko
Wolves And Owls - Buxton
Alchemy - Sun Hotel