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Seasons Greetings Postcards

Sometimes, we as humans can get fixated on little achievements that often seem meaningless to other people. It can be something that starts as a hobby, and then takes up the evening hours or every day for years on end. After years of obscurity, perhaps it one day reaches a scale that cannot be ignored, and then hopefully there's some positive recognition. This project has been a little like that for me, though on a far less grand scale than Salvation Mountain or Watts. My secret obsession, dream if we're going to be generous, is to have my photos of national parks printed and made available to sale in those park's gift shops. Not because I want the money, but because I can't stop going to national parks and taking photos. It mostly comes from wanting to share how I see these beautiful wild places with other people, who also appreciate them, and some strange need for subtle recognition of my dedication. Anyway, the first step towards this strange quest (really who sends

Best Americana of 2014

It's been an interesting year for Americana music and it's many related genres: new folk, revival, blues, country, etc. Particularly, if you take a less than purist view, as this amateur music critic does, it's been a year of fresh new faces and bold new mixtures of sound. My aunt Cindy, who plays harmonica and once took me to a Patsy Cline themed country karaoke bar and steak house, shares my love of Americana music. So, this playlist is dedicated to her. With that sentiment in mind, I'm proud to present, in no particular order, THE 18 BEST AMERICANA SONGS OF 2014 , in this humble radio jockey's opinion. Best Americana of 2014 by Sachi Subterranean on Mixcloud The 18 Best Americana/Folk/Blues/Country Songs of 2014 California (Cast Iron Soul) - Jamestown Revival Dearly Departed - Shakey Graves feat. Esme Patterson Kansas City - The New Basement Tapes Half Crazy - The Barr Brothers Turtles All the Way Down - Sturgill Simpson Katie Queen of Tennessee

Make More Noise 64

This playlist was specifically assembled for that essential moment mid work week when you just need to relax to something that puts a slight smile on your face and makes you tap your feet a little while you hastily type away at a screen trying to meet deadlines. It's chock full o' new electro tracks to help you zone in without burning out. Sure your boss grossly underestimated how much time this project would take, but Tokimonsta wants you to be happy! Here's to being chill, ice cold even, in the face of millennial underemployment and the new standard 50 hour work week. This podcast was brought to you by and USC. It was lovingly crafted by yours truly, Sachi Subterranean. Thanks for listening! Make More Noise 64 by Sachi Subterranean on Mixcloud Playlist Needle and a Knife - Tennis With You - Tennyson All I Ever Need - Caribou The Chase - SOHN Dusty Stars - Tokionsta All Under One Roof Raving - Jamie xx Velcro - Rustie Lost in the Chrome Forest -