Conception & Execution

Once upon a time, there lived a 20-something, college-educated, under-employed human being with a well developed sense of humor, sarcasm, and creativity. A large part of her job entailed browsing blogs, and fairly early on in the process it had dawned upon her that she could write things of equal or greater value with minimal effort.

And so it began, that this young woman, who was prone to thinking too much and saying everything she thought, decided to start a blog. Several weeks of conceptualization and procrastination sped by, until finally she executed her idea by registering for a Blogger account. Thus, this momentous potential for greatness, or at least a mildly interesting compendium of random instances, was innocuously conceived.

From the onset she defined the blog's scope based upon her areas of interest and practice. They were as follows:
- Documenting sociocultural events and trends, especially those of the avant-garde and underground persuasion.
- Reviewing music, including musicians, recordings, performances, and businesses.
- Offering budget travel guides for people with an insatiable desire for adventure, but limited time and money.
- Chronicling various arts & crafts undertakings, providing instructions for success, and suggesting tips to avoid folly.
- Philosophical ramblings, creative writings, personal rants, etc (to define it further would only serve to limit it).

Her corresponding qualifications for expounding on such topics include:
- A Bachelor's Degree in Communications with a strong course background in Sociology, cultural theory, American studies, ethnomusicology, and the development of subcultures.
- A decade of work in the independent music business in a variety of capacities for a range of businesses and bands.
- Taken extensive road trips to almost every state in the USA, passport-holder since the age of 3, and card-carrying frequent flyer since the age of 15.
- Crafting and creating since a very early age, and learned to sew before she learned to read.
- An copious vocabulary dangerously coupled with a keen mind, and penchant for self-expression.

So, that is how it began. Now you can choose to follow this blog, if you’re curious as to where it is going.