By Plane

I took these from a plane on a flight from Vancouver to Detroit. Thanks to the atmosphere and triple-paned windows, the pictures initially came out very grainy and cyan-colored. I did some fancy filter editing in Photoshop to correct the color balance. They're still pretty grainy, but I kind of like it. It makes them look a little like vintage photos from the 1970s.
Views like these are one of the many reasons I love flying. I consider having the window seat an imperative no matter how many times I may have to awkwardly climb over other passengers to get the aisle. Oh what beautiful planet we live on, composed of blues and browns and greens in infinite combination that wrinkle up in to mountains and down to the sea! It is more than worth embarrassing inconveniences to witness.

The picture with the water is of the Strait of Georgia with Vancouver Island in the background. However, I'm not quite sure which mountains these are. Does anyone out there is the great internet yonder know? If I had to hazard a guess, I'd say the mountains are the Canadian Rockies, and the farmland plains are southern Saskatchewan.

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