Top 5@5: Duo Bands

Two of the radio stations I listen to regularly, WXPN and Graffiti Radio, do segments called the Top 5@5. Basically, they pick a new theme everyday and find five songs that fit it to play as a set at 5pm. I've been listening to a lot of two-member bands lately, so I thought I'd put together a Top 5@5 set of duo bands, bands that rock pretty hard with only two members. I included videos of each song being performed, 'cause I feel like that's the real test: that the recording can be replicated live.
My First Crush - Ed In The Refridgerators

Hotel Yorba - The White Stripes

Young Hearts Spark Fire - Japandroids

Joe's Waltz - The Dodos

You're Lovely (But You Got Lots of Problems) - Death From Above 1979

Bonus Track: The Cinnamon Band is my friend's band, and they are also a duo. I think they're really great, and they've toured with Handsome Furs, so you should check them out.
Wider Than A Mile - The Cinnamon Band

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