Tuesday Is For Tunes: Beach House

I'm supposed to be studying for the GRE, so today's post will have to be unusually short, not that this artist is any less worthy of a complete review.

This week: Beach House. I saw this duo play at the Siren Music Festival back in the summer of 2008, and thought they were a little too sleepy for the stifling heat that was beating down on the Coney Island boardwalk.

However, the music they've previewed so far from their new album, Teen Dream, set to release January 26th is considerably more promising to me. They've stepped up the tempo and tone just a little, and that seems to have made all the difference. I can't stop thinking about this one song in particular. Norway has been shimmering and shifting in the back of my mind, since I first heard it. I've listened to about five other songs from the album already, and they all have my attention. They recorded in an old church, and it sounds like it. Their acoustics shine like lucid dreams of faded memories.

Since I don't have time for a full review, here's some press the album has already received.
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Stereogum gives Teen Dream a Premature Evaluation
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Or head over to the Sub Pop Records website for the official PR blurb, and a pre-order link.
Buy Teen Dream by Beach House from Sub Pop

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