The Weekly Roundup: 1.1.2010

L.A. County Estate Sales
This article from the LA Times is haunting. I was so riveted I couldn't have stopped reading had an earthquake struck. It is an intimate look at how L.A. County handles the estates of people, who die with no will or next of kin, obviously sad, but the author manages to find some bittersweet humor as well. Anything I say about this simply won't do it justice. All I can say is that you should read it.
Selling what the dead leave behind by Molly Hennessy-Fiske

Important Work Thingies
My coworkers and I are pretty keen on photos of animals. We discuss The Daily Otter like it's important news. This was the contents of an inter-office memo sent out Tuesday.

The Best Music of 2009 from NPR
There are so many of these music-of-the-year lists being passed around, even I am guilty of creating and proliferating such a list, that it's hard to know which ones are actually worth your precious time. Let me recommend this one. I don't even necessarily agree with it, or like all the bands listed; however, it's from a fairly unbiased, eclectic source. Also, in my opinion it is a good summation of music that came out this past year that was popular, but also well-received by respected music critics. Plus, it gives you the list, as well as a link to listen to the entire program, and links to lists from past years.
All Songs Considered Listeners Pick The Best Music Of 2009

Lissie - Little Lovin'
Lissie has an amazingly soulful voice, like Joni Mitchell with hints of Janis Joplin or Lucinda Williams. She's made a lot of good music, but this song is by far the best. The call and response vocals coupled with the clapping get me every time. It makes me want to just jump up and shoot, "HELL YES!" I was really impressed by this video, because it proves that such a big sound can come from such a young woman with only two musicians backing her.

Horse Rustling
Apparently, horse rustling is still a major problem. My initial reaction is to let images of rogue cowboys dashing through the desert washes with a majestic mesa rising in the background run rampant through my mind. When I rope myself back to reality, though, I realize how unfortunate the situation really is. People are stealing other people's beloved pets and livelihood. Luckily there are sites like Net Posse to help recover stolen horses. It's like Wyatt Earp for the internet. Awesome.

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