The Weekly Roundup: 2.19.2010

Art Czars
The Japandroids will be releasing a series of limited edition 7"s this year instead of one full-length. This is really a brilliant way to sustain interest in a band, and is sure to appeal to music nerds everywhere. I have thus far resisted starting a vinyl collection, because I move around a lot, and also because it would probably consume all of my disposable and not so disposable income. However, this series might break me. The A-side of the first 7" is titled Art Czars, and it is available for free download on Stereogum. While Art Czars certainly doesn't lack in the distortion or attitude we've come to expect from Japandroids, it's also easy to hear why it wasn't included on their Post-Nothing album. It sounds slightly more striped down and concise, clearly showing their punk rock influences.
Download Art Czars by Japandroids

A Valentine's Playlist For The Bitter and Alone
If you didn't get food poisoning, and if you had someone to hold you on Valentine's, chances are that you had a better day than I did. My only solace was this great show that All Songs Considered put together. They talk about music and love, and play some great tracks. (My Heart Is) Closed for the Season by Bettye Swann was like balm for my soul. Plus, Your Ex-Lover Is Dead by Stars was a revelation from the past. I loved that album when it first came out, but hadn't listened to it in several years. I immediately dug it out, and was delighted to hear that it is still a quality listen. If you need to hear some music that validates your single status, or if you just need to hear some good music, check this out.
Breakup Songs, Wherein We Acknowledge Valentine's Day

Explaining Modern Love
The NY Times has a column called Modern Love that has moved me to tears on occasion. Every Sunday they publish a non-fiction, short story about an experience with modern love in its many forms. Anyone can submit a story. Besides showcasing some excellent writing, its also serving to document the collective interpretation of the concept and meaning of love in a way that's really post-modern. This Sunday instead of a short story, the editor of the column weighed in on the issue, and also answered some of the most pressing questions of our time. Best of all, I was pleasantly surprised to find myself laughing while reading it.
Explaining the Irrational: Here Goes ... by Daniel Jones

Daytrotter Session with Mount Eerie
Phil Elverum crafts ethereal sounds that are an experience to listen to. His music project is currently known as Mount Eerie, but in the past he has also recorded as The Microphones. This week Mount Eerie did a Daytrotter session for their new album, Wind's Poem. Live versions of Wind Speaks, Ancient Questions, and Stone's Ode are now available to stream and download all thanks to Daytrotter.
Mount Eerie: Ever Befriending The Unseen by Sean Moeller

Hannah Stouffer Illustration
Intricate, evocative, and bordering on gruesome, Hannah Stouffer makes art that appeals to the darker side of the soul. The sharp detail of her pen is tempered by fading sades of watercolor that add staggering amounts of depth and feeling to her work. It reminds me of the album artwork for Gutter Phenomenon by Every Time I Die. However, Stouffer's work is even more complex, and elicits considerably more emotion from me, which I appreciate.

Blackest Night, Dark Mountain

CFCF - You Hear Colours
Electronic music and music videography at thier best.

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