The Weekly Roundup: 3.5.2010

Indecent Exposure
After the licentious reputation New Jersey developed last fall, you'd think a little thing like the recreation of a famous work of art that just happens to be nude, would be considered rather tame. However, after a recent snowstorm a New Jersey woman worked with her kids to sculpt the Venus de Milo out of snow only to have their neighbors complain to the police. The women chose to cover up the sculpture in a bikini top and sarong, even though she thinks it looks more sexually objectified now. I agree. You can read the full story with before and after photos from the BBC.
New Jersey snow sculpture gets frosty reception

Big Echo
The Morning Benders have made their new album, Big Echo, available to stream in entirety for the week before its March 9th release. I've given my heart to The Morning Benders. The only reason I'm not buying this album first thing March 9th is that I'm seeing them live the next day, and plan to buy it direct from their merch table. Listen to the album on this sweet player I borrowed from their website.

Don't get me wrong. I appreciate many aspects of college. I am grateful for my bachelor degree. I'm looking forward to graduate school. However, I also recognize the the many systematic flaws of the higher education industrial complex that reinforces societal injustices and norms despite claims to be objective and progressive. While important intellectual inquiry is still being made throughout the hallowed halls of academia, it often feels like more and more the function of a bachelor degree is to make the student an effective, productive worker bee upon graduation. Louis-Ferdinand CĂ©line wrote in his book, Journey to the End of Night, "The problems with intellectuals is that they're ineffectual." Though the truth of this statement resounds in me, it is one that I want to see proven wrong. My friend posted this image on his website, Brother Sundance, this week. It led me to The New School Reoccupied, a website chronicling efforts by students to reclaim their schools. It's very grassroots, somewhat anarchist, and completely inspired.

Never before have I seen the phrase "lit firework residue on paper" used in the list of mediums that usually goes under the title of an artwork when it's on display. For her Pyrtotechnics series, Rosemarie Fiore used lit fireworks make these vibrant, stunning pieces. I am nothing but impressed.

Firework Drawing #10 (2009)

The Otter Cove Residence
If you drive the Pacific Coast Highway (CA State Route 1) from Los Angeles to San Francisco, you will pass through some of the most impressive coastline I've ever seen, including renowned Big Sur and beautiful Carmel. There aren't too many houses in the area. I suppose the remote location and steep cliffs make it difficult to build. However, the few I saw made me actually wish I was rich, so I could afford a place like that. This week I stumbled upon some breathtaking photos of the Otter Cove house in Carmel. They make me long for the Golden State.
An Ocean of Emotion: The View from Otter Cove

Lectors, Copy Boys, River Drivers, and Lamplighters
NPR featured a piece this week on jobs that no longer exist, and it's a must-read for any history nerd. Many of these jobs have been made obsolete by technology, but I think we need to bring at least one back. A lector is someone who reads to you while you work, and cigar makers used to pool their wages to hire them. I would pretty much love it, if my coworkers all pitched in to pay an old man with a delicious baritone to read NPR to us all day long. This great story includes photos and audio. Check it.
The Jobs Of Yesteryear: Obsolete Occupations by Carolyn Beeler

Giant Beagle B&B
I'm trying to get to all 5o states before I turn 30. With 43 already down, this goal is looking pretty attainable. For awhile now I've been looking for a reason to go to Idaho, and I have finally found it: Dog Bark Park Inn. Located in Cottonwood ID, this delightful bed and breakfast allows you to spend the night in a giant beagle. Beagles just happen to be my favorite dog. This could not be more perfect. The inn is run by Dennis Sullivan, who made the giant beagle himself. Sullivan is also a sculptor, who primarily works with a chainsaw and wood. The surrounding property is filled with his folk, pop art installations, and is wonderfully reminiscent of the classic 1950s roadside attraction. The LA Times has a photo essay of this awesomeness. Look out Idaho, here I come!
Offbeat Traveler: Spend a cozy night in a giant beagle

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