The Weekly Roundup: 4.16.2010

Titus Andronicus Undone
Thursday I got to see Titus Andronicus play live for the first time. It was flipping fantastic. Despite some sound difficulties, they brought the rock. The crowd was passionate, yelling all the lyrics with fists in the air and a little friendly shoving. I enjoyed myself thoroughly. At one point they had Cassie Ramone from The Babies, a Vivian Girls/Woods side project that opened, come up on stage to help them cover Weezer's Undone - The Sweater Song. It was pretty sweet, and The Styrofoam Drone filmed it.

This Is What We Image
An art collective in Los Angeles, This Is What We Image (TIWWI, pronounced teewee) primarily is a video collective that organizes events and projects for its members. There's a lot of interesting shorts, music videos, and series on there website. It's a good way to spend an hour or some, if you're looking for some artistic and intellectual stimulation. I really like the work by Sam Molleur, especially his music videos. Here's a video he made for I Feel Better by Frightened Rabbit.

I find the development of independent, local music scenes absolutely fascinating. They create their own society and culture that are developed and sustained organically. When you tour from scene to scene you'll see many commonalities, yet each one is still unique, reflecting the local culture. It's really an amazing human achievement. Participating in my local scene saved my life and defined me as a person, and I'm not alone in that sentiment. Involvement in a independent scene has changed the lives of kids everywhere. Towncraft by Richard Matson is a sweet documentary on the local music scene of Little Rock, Arkansas. The movie chronicles its development, and interviews prominent members about their experiences, opinions, and what involvement has meant to them. If you care at all about your local music scene, you need to watch Towncraft.

A friend who works for a major label introduced me to Hypebot a few months ago, and it has since been my number source for music business news and trends. If you want to work in the music business, I strongly recommend making this website one of your regular reads. This week in particular they had a number of critical articles. Here's my selection.
Film Looks At Struggles Of Indie Records Stores
Indie Labels March On Washington This Week
The Barriers of Music Consumption: Past & Present by Kyle Bylin

A Life of Solitude
Many people dream of leaving society, and setting up a life alone in the wilderness subsisting of the land and oneself, but few achieve it as a reality. This week the New York Times published an article interviewing some of the people, who have actually manage to have that kind of lifestyle for multiple years. It's a little heavy on the testosterone, but still very inspiring.
Embracing a Life of Solitude by Sarah Maslin Nir

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