The Weekly Roundup: 4.2.2010

The weather is way too nice to be typing away in front of a computer, so this Weekly Roundup is going to be exercise in brevity.

Grist serves up environmental news, DIY tips, and intelligent commentary.

Matt Lyon is a graphic artist from the UK. You can see his work on the website for his design company, C86.

Local Natives recently did a Daytrotter Session. As you would expect, it is quite excellent. And always, thanks to Daytrotter you can stream and download the songs for free.
Really GETTING The Soul by Sean Moeller

Music News
Many rumors have been floating around about a 2010 full-length release from Wolf Parade. This week Pitchfork interviewed the band about their new album, and got some more details.
Wolf Parade Announce Third Album: Expo 86

Yours Truly posted some pretty sweet footage of Washed Out and Small Black performing at SXSW. Included, some short interview clips with Ernest Greene of Washed Out.
Watch: Washed Out & Small Black

This week NPR reported on Unmanned Spaceflight, an online group of amateur astronomers and photographs that swap and modify the images taken by different space programs. Their end results are much more relatable and beautiful than the originals.
A Space Voyage To Genesis by Robert Krulwich

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