Tuesday Is For Tunes: Two Door Cinema Club, The Tallest Man On Earth, and The Radio Dept.

I've come across a hell of a lot of good, new music lately. So much in fact, that it's hard to pick just one to feature here on Tuesday Is For Tunes. Plus, with finally working on my essay for my grad school application, I am not inclined to write an 500 word review of anything right now. Thusly and so forth, I'll give you three 100 reviews. Cool? Cool.

The weather’s getting warmer, and if you’re like me, you need some upbeat tuneage to pump as you drive with your windows down to the dance party destination. Good thing Two Door Cinema Club finally released their debut album, Tourist History, in the USA last Tuesday. This is quality, concise dance rock set to constant, irresistibly bright beats from the cymbals and snare. Did I mention they’re Irish? The vocals have some pretty attractive accents. While it isn’t revolutionary, it’s solid, fresh, and just in time for summer nights. Best of all, the album’s already been out in Europe for a couple months, resulting in several infectiously good remixes that have gone viral in the great wide interwebs. My favorite song pick is Under Cover Martyn. Recommended if you like Hot Hot Heat, The Rapture, or Sherwood.

The musician: The Tallest Man On Earth. The album: The Wild Hunt. Sounds a little epic, right? The name and title bring to mind folklore figures like Paul Bunyan, and mythological feats. However, The Tallest Man On Earth is just a man, Kristian Mattson, with a guitar. With the acoustic stylings of Dylan, and lyrics inspired by Norse myths and a desire to be the king of Spain, this album aims high, but delivers. These are well-crafted songs that make me daydream of a secluded mountain cabins, and travel opening roads. It’s an album filled with talent, independence, fuckall vocals, and finger picking just as good folk music ought to be. My favorite song pick is You’re Going Back. Recommended if you like Bob Dylan, The Mountain Goats, or Bon Iver.

I had heard the buzz about The Radio Dept., but hadn’t taken the time to really check them out. Luckily, local record store employees/friends pressed their new album, Clinging To A Scheme, into my most recent buying binge. The first listen was enjoyable, but the second listen was transcending. I was listening to it, really listening to it, while people watching on my hometown’s main street. It was like a finely scored soundtrack, and I just let my mind immerse in its sounds. That’s when I understood its value as an aural experience, and not a collection of songs. Final bonus, they sampled a clip from the documentary Style Wars. Not a first for an artist, but a guarantee for an album to gain my appeal. My favorite song pick is Heaven’s On Fire. Recommended if you like Stars, Washed Out, or The Books.

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