The Weekly Roundup: 5.7.2010

Around The World
Nicolas Rapp is living a life I could only dream of. He quit his job to attempt to drive around the world in an old Toyota. He's already circumnavigated the globe, and now he's taking on various continents. Nothing I ever do may ever be as awesome as that. You can track his progress at Trans World Expedition.

Lee Arnold
I was introduced to the work of Lee Arnold last month at a contemporary art exhibit I visited that featured three of his moving images pieces. I'm not usually a big fan of more modern fine art, but I really enjoy when artists utilize mass media in a ways that transcend technology. I think Lee Arnold does that very successfully. This week I finally got around to looking him up on the interwebs. He has a great website that features a lot of his work, including the work from the exhibit that captivated me the most. This isn't quite as impressive as seeing it projected ten feet high on the wall of a dimly lit room while listening on large headphones, but it's still pretty good.

Clouds (2008)

Ginsberg's Photography
This week the National Gallery of Art opened an exhibit of Allen Ginsberg's photography. It includes portraits of many Beat Generation heroes such as Jack Kerouac, William Burroughs, Bob Donlon, Neal Cassady, and Peter Orlovsky with handwritten notes by Ginsberg. I must go see this exhibit. NPR covered the story on The Picture Show Here's an excerpt that I found rather inspiring.
"Photographer Elsa Dorfman met Ginsberg in 1959, when she was a secretary for his publisher, Grove Press. He "never doubted he would be a great man," she recalls. "And he had the feeling that all his friends were equally genius." Knowing that they’d one day be famous, Ginsberg documented their lives — their travels, late nights and meandering walks."

Maybe this is one of the reasons I constantly photograph my local scene. I believe in it. Let's start a new cultural movement.
Poetry In Allen Ginsberg's Photography by Claire O'Neil

On Tuesday Stereogum premiered a track off the upcoming album from School Of Seven Bells entitled Disconnect From Desire set to release July 13th. The song, Babelonia, features dreamy female vocals set to bells, electro beats, and shinning tones. I find it very promising. The article allows you to stream the track, and has a widget that lets you download it in exchange for your email address.
School Of Seven Bells – “Babelonia” (Stereogum Premiere)

Summer Roadtrips
I've wanted to drive the Alaska Highway for years. Finally, it looks like plans may be coming together to drive it along with at least a thousand miles of the Pan-American Highway this summer. Both Google Maps and Microsoft Streets & Tips aren't letting me chart the trip, so I'm going to try AAA, or maybe just make it up as I go along. If anyone reading this has driven these roads, I'd love to hear any advice you might have. I've got big dreams and a reliable vehicle.

Note: No more updates for the next few days. Sunday is my birthday, and I'm taking off for a three-day weekend in Miami. Happy birthday to me! Big thanks to my dad for the frequent flyer miles, and Alex for hosting me. This trip wouldn't be possible without them.
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