The Weekly Roundup: 5.28.2010

Shit is getting crazy. I’ve certainly been living up to my live fast motto lately. Every day this week I’ve woke up dirty. Sunday it was grass from running around a state park. Monday was mud from flashlight tag. Tuesday was dew from sleeping on my porch. Wednesday was ants, and ant bites, thanks to a terrifically large ant nest my friend and I found to poke at. Yesterday I woke up still wearing the jeans I had gone dumpster diving in. Today it was axle grease from changing my tire. And, thanks to a beach camping trip I’m taking, tomorrow is almost guaranteed to be sand. No sleep for the wicked, or time to shower for that matter. In all this glorious mess there hasn’t really been time to properly prepare a weekly roundup. So instead, this week I’m going to serve you up a bunch of my all time favorite videos from interwebs. Savvy?

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