The Weekly Roundup: 6.4.2010

A notification from the editor: The Weekly Roundup series will suspend regular publication for the summer while Sachi Subterranean drives around the country. Updates will be posted sporadically, time and material permitting. Party on, dudes.

This edition of The Weekly Roundup is adventure and travel themed as I am unable to think of much else on the eve of my epic road trip. Enjoy! Hope y’all are as excited as I am. If you’ll follow Or So Sachi Says closely for the next couple months you’re sure to catch many fine moments. Based on past precedence, this could very likely include me sobbing uncontrollably in my car, bear sightings, incoherent rants to myself after several days of solitude, reviews of apple pie from small town diners, odes to the sky, and incidents of breaking key mechanical equipment with accidental ninja kicks. Can’t stop life from happening, ya know?

Totally Mathematical
This is the best cartoon for kids on television right now. As I pretty much only watch shows geared towards young boys and old men, Adventure Time hits the spot hard for the former. Here's the pilot that went viral, and landed creator, Pendleton Ward, a series deal. See if you can figure out what the hell is going on in your first watch.

National Scenic Byways
The U.S. Department of Transportation has a program just to preserve back roads and byways that have special historical importance or natural beauty. Sometimes taxes actually do go to worthwhile things. My interest in this program led me to some of the best drives I've ever done including the Blue Ridge Parkway through Virginia and North Carolina and Route 1 in central California (part of the PCH: Pacific Coast Highway). You can check out the National Scenic Byways Program website to explore drives, and read stories from drivers. Or, if you want a comprehensive guide to take with you regardless of internet access, I recommend picking up a copy of the National Geographic Guide to Scenic Highways and Byways. It's sincerely one of my most favorite books ever.

Wikipedia In Review
I don't care how factual it is. Wikipedia is a source of never ending entertainment to me. Did you know that adventure gives you psychological and physiological arousal? That certainly explains a lot about me, though I wish they'd covered that a little more extensively in sex ed. Or, that my handy multipurpose tool known as a Leatherman is named after an infamous vagabond, who traveled New England in the 1800s? Now that I read the Wikipedia article about it, I'm pretty sure I'm suffering from dromomania, an uncontrollable urge to wander. And to everyone I promised postcards, I think we should try letterboxing instead. Maybe that would catalyze some of you more sedentary types to try a little gypsying in my wake. Well, it must be true, 'cause I read it on the interwebs. Let me site my sources.
Leatherman (vagabond)

Old Crow Medicine Show - Wagon Wheel
Adapted from a Dylan outtake, this song is an absolute must for any serious roadtrip.

Route Revisions
As mentioned in the original declaration of my intent to epically roadtrip, the route would be subject to my least whim. Well, I haven't even left yet, and I've already made some changes. From now on I'm only planning in stages. Here's a new version of the initial westward thrust.

Well, godspeed and goodluck to myself and the many other road warriors of the summer! Remember: every day is an adventure.
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