Day 29: America, The Beautiful

Happy birthday, America! We didn't do too much in the way of festivities here, but there are bald eagles all over the place, so maybe it's pointless to decorate with man-made things. I saw two bald eagles in town, and at least five up at the house.

Morning chores included cleaning the feeders in the goat barn, so even though we started before 8am, we didn't finish and get breakfast until noon. Still, meals are so filling and plentiful here it really isn't bad to only eat once every twelve hours. After we all ate together, Kathy took us on a walk to overview the farm for the larger projects she has planned. The yaks are kind of mean, and need to get used to humans so they can be used for milk and wool, not just meat. Apparently, one way to do this is to ride them. So, today I rode a yak. Then I went off on my own to weed some large planters.

I had some time off before dinner, so I went for a run. We're only a mile from the shore, but it's about 3 miles to the road for public beach access. I ran four miles to the beach, and sat with it for awhile. Goodness, o how I love the sea! In all its forms, in all the corners of the world, it calls to me. My heart is like a conch shell, the sound of waves reverberates in its shiny, hollow places. I can't wait to go to Maine in August, and spend a week with the ocean. Coming back was mostly up hill, and I must admit I had to walk most of it. I still want to get in better shape.

When I got back to the farm I made raspberry muffins, and used the leftover salmon to make a noodle casserole. Late in the evening we watched a movie, and I worked on my knitting. All kinds of homey and domestic and adorable and what not. It puts a smile on my face.
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