Day 30: Hard Days Night

I'm so tired this will have to be a short post. Predictably, farming is hard. In addition to extensive daily chores, there's an endless chain of mentally and or physically strenuous projects. After you power through the regular tasks, you have to muster the motivation and effort to tackle these new works that either probably or must get done. I'm not sure it's a life I'd personally choose for an extended period of time. However, I'm learning and getting stronger. For that I am extraordinarily grateful, and glad to be here.

Usually when I drive for long periods of time I enter this sort of blank, zen mind set similar to meditation. I was looking forward to that on this trip, but it never came. Maybe it was because once I got on the road I realized I was running away. Maybe it was because I found that leaving didn't leave my troubles behind. Maybe it was because I left part of my heart at home. I don't know. Thankfully, I've managed to achieve some of that zen working here. The single mindedness of completing a necessary task, the knowledge of my usefulness, and the painful yet pleasant strain of my muscles take up all the energy I would otherwise waste thinking in circles. I am left blissfully blank.
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