Day 34: Moose Burgers

Yesterday in addition to all the more regular chores and projects we pulled weeds for four hours straight. A humbling, meditative task, but certainly not the most enjoyable. Even with six people helping we only finished about half the area that needed to get done. What we got done looks pretty fabulous, I must say. The thought of how big and tasty the red potatoes and parsnips will be is rewarding.

Kathy really appreciated our efforts though, so today she encouraged us to take it easier. The weather was gorgeous for most the day. After morning chores, I worked on some functional and decorative improvements to the a-frame tent I'm calling home. Soaked in the sun while I painted a sign that says, "welcome friends". Made a large batch of oatmeal spice cookies with plenty of ginger, and a good dollop of applesauce. Took a long shower (I completely appreciate hot, running water more than electricity now). And, I learned to do needle felting.

Kathy wanted to make hamburgers for dinner. They don't buy any of their meat here, but the freezer is stocked with ground moose, bear, llama, and alpaca. She put me in charge of seasoning and frying, a daunting task for someone with a general aversion to red meat. Still, I tried to muster some Spongebob like enthusiasm, and dug in. I made moose burgers with onion, basil, and parm cheese, and alpaca burgers with onion, paprika, and chili powder. All the regular meat eaters hailed it as delicious. I put my moose burger on an onion roll with homemade cream cheese, garden fresh lettuce, and a little organic catsup. It was the best burger I've ever had, exceptionally lean and flavorful. It's a little shocking, but I think I like moose.
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