Day 36: Cowgirl In The Sand

Today was a good day. With the total number of WWOOFers now at six, morning chores got done in a flash. There was time to eat a leisurely breakfast, and get started on the day's work by noon. Everyone pitched in and help weed the garden, and cut grass for the animals. A massive amount of tedious work got done in just three hours. To celebrate, I proposed we spend the rest of the day exploring Homer. I took a shower, put on a dress for the first time in weeks, and we headed into town.

The weather was perfect, glowing with sunshine, freshened by a brisk and blithe breeze. I got a drink at the Salty Dog, the oldest bar in Homer, a rambling establishment made from a lighthouse and two other buildings that has been decorated in the flotsam and jetsome of tourist and locals alike. Experienced the gift shops along the spit while looking for a wedding present for my aunt. Skipping the touristy spots, there were plenty of small galleries with pieces from the resident artisan community. At a tent featuring the work of four local potters, I bought a finely crafted serving plate painted with the impressions of fish and mountains in natural tones. It was made by hand in Homer. I wanted to spend some time at the spit's beaches, but the wind was ravishing the bay. Instead, another WWOOFer and I set off to explore East End Road, the trailing end of the scenic Sterling Highway. We drove it along the volcaic mountains, glaciers, bay, lupines, and cabins for many twisting miles until it petered out into rough dirt road. We had found where the highway ends.

When we finally got phone service again, we found out that Kathy had planed a bonfire and karaoke party for that night. We picked up some hot dog and smores supplies, and hightailed it back to the ranch. We cooked over the fire pit, drank homemade wine, and sang under an everlasting sunset. Surprisingly, I didn't have any stage fright when the stage was a bit of grazed land by the garden. It only took a little prodding for me to get up and karaoke along to everything from TLC to Patsy Cline. It felt exceedingly country and exceedingly satisfying.
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