Day 37: Meet Me In The Morning

The karaoke bonfire carried on until almost 2am. The morning found a few casualties claimed, so I took charge of cooking up a hearty breakfast of eggs to order, breakfast sausage, gravy, and hashbrowns for the tired and hungover. Consequently, we took the rest of the day at a slow and steady pace.

I spent the afternoon working on a website for the ranch, while Bob Dylan songs played over and over in my head. Just rolling along. I'm learning to take things up as they come. There's no time to think too much here. It's probably good for me to try living this way, but I'm also looking forward to the ferry ride. Then I can reclaim my thoughts as my own, sit awhile alone, and tend to them. Feels like this whole trip I'm just craning my neck trying to see around the next bend, straining for the next thing in hopes that it's better. Expectation leads to disappointment. Maybe that's why I'm so strung out on the let down.

In the evening I made rocky road brownies, and we watched a movie. 'Cause sometimes you just need to take it like that.
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