Day 55: Trans-American

The band crashed at a friend's house in Columbus, and I had arranged to tag along in advance. The festivities had continued well into the early hours, and I woke up around 9am on an unfamiliar floor feeling thoroughly partied. Wished I could have stuck around and hung out with everyone more, but it looked liked they'd be in recovery for awhile. The drive ahead was too long to wait, so I woke Dave up and said goodbye.

Third day in a row running on only a scant few hours of sleep. Sobering up, driving, and trying to maintain some semblance of cognitive cohesion. I was headed home just for one night, picking up my father on the last leg of my journey, to Maine for my aunt's wedding. Wanted to make town early enough for a shower and a visit to my favorite watering hole on Main Street.

Reached Delaware in the evening. Reveled in the comforts of home for a little bit. Played with my kitty cat, and took a shower before heading out to meet up with two of my favorite people in the world, Em and Conor. I had missed both of their birthdays while on the road, so we had an all smiles reunion and I gave them their gifts. A print of a raven by an Alaskan artist for her. Moose Drool brown ale from Montana for him. We hung out and caught up for a while before heading into town.

Went to Homegrown, my standard hometown bar where it feels like everyone knows me. So sweet to never have to call people up and arrange things. I just walk in and I'm guaranteed to see friends no matter the day of the week. The bartenders know me, and the specials are always to my liking. Civic center and social club. Good times. The usual random selection of acquaintances were happy to see me, and eager for tales of my adventures. Oh to be a beloved and intrepid explorer, if only for one night!
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