Tuesday Is For Tunes: All Dinosaurs, Lissie, and Delorean

I encountered a lot of great new tunes this summer in my travels. There's really too much awesome sauce in my ears now to choose just one music maker to feature on my first Tuesday Is For Tunes update since successfully completing my road trip to Alaska and back. So ever the maker of rash decisions that I am, I'm spending big and giving you my top three all at once.

Screw the haters and American Idiot. Let me publicly declare that I am quite pleased the caustic cacophony of punk rock still sounds true. The local scene in Cleveland has always done a quality job of keeping the punk torch burning, and now they have given us All Dinosaurs. Hitting hard, fast, and loud, All Dinosaurs are four friendly dudes that like to get a little rowdy. Their music is infectious with beats that ring like gunshots, riffs as rough as a hangover, and gang shouts bleeding raw. HELL YEAH! Still don’t let all the good times fool you, All Dinosaurs are far from mindless. The first full-length album, Paranoid Indigenous, released earlier this year is chock full of meticulously crafted songs and intelligent lyrics that never boringly drone on. The bass powers through, and superb production keeps solos and vocals vivid. Tunes I’m particularly enjoying include: Push Back, Castle of Uncle Robert, and Heap Wolves.

No matter what I do, no matter how ecstatic I get, there always seems to be a little piece of my heart that’s still black and blue. Then every once in a great while I hear a voice or refrain that just pulls at the very fibers of that sore part. Lissie is the most recent musician to accomplish this. Today she released her debut full-length, Catching A Tiger, and now I strongly suspect superstardom is imminent for this talented songwriter and performer. Prepare yourself. If you appreciate a little country drawl at all, her vocals will give your shivers. Her songs are liberally tinged in slide guitar, and feature irresistibly catchy choruses for a winning pop combo. Expectedly, her new album leaves behind the demo quality recording of the auspicious E.P. she released last year, Why You Runnin’. Though the music nerd in me can’t help but lament the lack of distortion that has become synonymous with authenticity in my mind, there is something to be said for big budget production done right. Catching A Tiger isn’t gussied up, but rather polished to a shine to show Lissie at her best. The singles When I’m Alone, and In Sleep are well worth a listen.

Delorean make ethereal electro music with a beat that’s all kinds of danceable. Delorean are from Spain. Europeans really do seem to have this club music thing down, and aren’t afraid to shake what their good mommas gave them. Sometimes you simply need to dance. At the beginning of June they released their highly anticipated new album, Subzia. Though I was on the road in Kansas, I made sure to find a local record store to pick up a copy. Turns out Delorean also makes great music for driving across country. These songs are vibrant soundscapes full of intriguing texture and expansive light. The refreshingly bright tones and constant quick beats had me flying down the road. Subzia was the soundtrack of the best moments of my trip. It perfectly matched with the scenery of billowing clouds, swaying grasslands, and sunlit forests. Now that I’m back home and back to my late night habits, I can’t wait to get the party started with songs like Stay Close, Real Love, and Grow.