The Weekly Roundup: 8.20.2010

Postmodern Mashup
As I've expressed many a time before, I love postmodernity! I love talking about it. I love using it as a conceptual lens to deconstruct society. I love mass media in all its many postmodern forms. YAY, communications theory and my unapologetic nerdiness. I haven't had much time to idly comb the internet for interesting tidbits to include in the weekly roundup, but I did stumble upon a fascinating string of related video on YouTube. Apparently a lot of people have had the brilliant idea to set more modern music to old videos of people dancing, mostly variations of the Charleston. SUCCESS!!! For years my favorite vintage dance footage has been from a 1941 movie called Hellzapoppin'. I found it set to both The Killjoys and a Voidstar remix of Notorious B.I.G. I found over ten, but here are my top six favorites. Many of them use the same video clips, but the musical range is impressive. Can someone please teach me the lindy hop now so I can use it to win a breakdance battle? Thanks.