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Monday, September 6, 2010

Rocky Mountain

This summer I went to Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado for the first time, and was overwhelmed by its scale and weather. Growing up on the east coast with the Appalachians, makes the Rockies seem impossibly massive and mountainous. Even though it was mid-June, the elevation caused the frigid clouds to collide with craggy peaks, leaving snow in their wake. I hiked to crystalline pools of melting snow and ice that glistened emerald greens and cobalt blues. Oh, these crucibles of natural phenomenon! Oh, these wild spaces! Rocky Mountain is now officially one of my favorite national parks.
 photo rockmountain5.jpg  photo rockmountain15.jpg  photo rockmountain14.jpg  photo rockmountain13.jpg  photo rockmountain12.jpg  photo rockmountain11.jpg  photo rockmountain10.jpg  photo rockmountain8.jpg  photo rockmountain7.jpg  photo rockmountain6.jpg  photo rockmountain4.jpg  photo rockmountain3.jpg  photo rockmountain2.jpg  photo rockmountain1.jpg  photo rockmountain9.jpg

Read more about my Colorado adventures in the On The Road journal entry, Day 6: Purple Mountains Majesty.

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