Mellow Waters

Back in January I went to Miami for a wedding, but rather than stay at the boring, standard hotel with the other guests, I couchsurfed at the Mellow Waters Commune. World traveler, bread baker, and former sheep herder, Zach had finally come home to Miami, and together with a few childhood friends had set about turning one of their parent's beautiful homes into a beautiful community. On Friday night I helped cook a delicious, huge communal dinner, which we ate under the stars by candle light. The backyard had a koi pond, hammock, chickens, ducks, pool, and a collection of bonsai trees. It was perfect, so much better than bar hopping and spending the night on the floor of a hotel room. One day I hope to have a home like that, a place for friends to gather. Here are a few photos I took with my new Superheadz Golden Half camera.