Salton Sea

Once the vacation getaway of Hollywood stars, now a natural misstep tampered by human error, the Salton Sea is not a hospitable place. A few hours to the east of Los Angeles, it lies baking in the desert sun ringed by abandoned buildings and the carcasses of sea life. The smell of death hangs heavy in the air. But, I find it strangely beautiful, and at sunset this spring it was illuminated by all my favorite colors: rose petal pink, navy blue, cerulean dreams, and the palest of yellows. A seemingly desolate land, yet lush with colors and stories, the kind that make me eat my heart out.

This is the last set of photos from my Superheadz Golden Half camera that I'll be updating for awhile. Enjoy the half-frames, dear readers! Photos from my new digital point-and-shoot are forthcoming.