Make More Noise 042

Get brutal with this special hardcore edition of Make More Noise. It's an anti-Valentine's playlist filled with bands that throw down hard, in honor of a ticket giveaway to see H2O and Terror live. Hear some of the best hardcore bands from the Philly area, as well as bands that shaped my earlier angsty years. Brought to you by KXSC, a service of USC.

Make More Noise 042 (Hardcore Edition) by Orsosachisays on Mixcloud

Ribcage - The Bronx
The World Is Empty - Wrong Answer
Bury The Hatchet - Agitator
Flowermouth (The Leech) - Code Orange Kids
The Worst Of Both Worlds - Backtrack
Guilty By Association - H2O
Keepers of The Faith - Terror
Sadness Comes Home - Converge
The King Is Dead - A Wilhelm Scream
Ebolarama - Every Time I Die
Botchla - Poison The Well
Should Have Stayed in the Shallows - Fear Before The March of Flames
No Exceptions - Floorpunch
Alaska - Between The Buried And Me
Chum Fiesta - Dead To Fall
Dead Weight - Ruiner
Mall-Nutrition - Heavy Heavy Low Low
Bad Luck - Burdens
Warm Blood Rush - Defeater
Moving Unites - One Dead Three Wounded
Divorced - Blacklisted
Corrupted - Doubledealer