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Friday, March 8, 2013

Bryce Canyon

I finally made it out to Bryce Canyon National Park over winter break. I drove into Utah long after sunset, and it was beginning to flurry. By the time I made it to the only open campground at the park it was almost midnight and well below zero degrees. I woke up early to find a frosted world iridescent with snowflakes and sunbeams, and ice covering my sleeping bag. In warmer more frequented seasons, Bryce Canyon is stunning, but in the lonesome winter months blanketed in several feet of snow, it achieves even higher levels of breathtaking ethereal glory. Here are the photos I took with my digital point-and-shoot, a Nikon AW-100 specifically designed for harsh conditions. Analog 35mm photos from my Superheadz Golden Half toy camera will be published soon. Also, keep an eye out for a Zion National Park series.

 photo BryceCanyon01_zpsb08d1509.jpg
 photo BryceCanyon05_zpsaa117883.jpg  photo BryceCanyon06_zpsf25a64ca.jpg  photo BryceCanyon02_zps4f5d24be.jpg  photo BryceCanyon08_zps99b3d908.jpg  photo BryceCanyon11_zps8d96a7f1.jpg  photo BryceCanyon09_zps008ac985.jpg
 photo BryceCanyon07_zps149d8508.jpg  photo BryceCanyon10_zpsd8edcf52.jpg
 photo BryceCanyon04_zps578ecc28.jpg

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