Flume and Para One Play The Echoplex

Last week, Flume and Para One played super fantastic, utterly groove worthy sets back to back at the Echoplex, thanks to The Echo, FYF & IHC Present. It might have been a Tuesday night, but the show was packed with people ready to party, and they did not leave disappointed.

French electronic producer and DJ, Para One (a.k.a. Jean-Baptiste de Laubier) played a lengthy set showcasing a variety of musical influences. He live remixed tracks from his 2012 full-length Passion, and also played new tracks like "Every Little Thing Remix (feat. Cam'ron, Irfane & Tekilatex)". His ample sampling of 90s hip hop and R&B favorites, especially appealed to this reviewers ears. If you've never heard of Para One, I highly suggest you check him out and drop him into the mix at your next hipster dance party.

Flume's self-titled, debut full-length released on Australian label, Future Classics, last fall made a huge splash. A dynamic album full of danceable hits as well as chill moments, charmed international reviews and fans alike. I wasn't sure what to expect from a Flume (a.k.a. Harley Streton) live performance, but I showed up with a heap load of good vibes and an open mind. What he delivered was far more of a DJ set than an electronic music performance; however, it wasn't formulaic or programed. Just like his album, Flume delivered a dynamic, vibrant, emotive set that captured the crowd's bodies and held them in complete sway. I haven't danced like that in ages, and I had a damn good time. I definitely recommend checking Flume out live when he comes through your town.