Make More Noise 59 (Jade Tree Edition)

Jade Tree Records had a reputation for signing emerging musicians that came to define the boundaries of emo, punk rock, post punk, screamo, hardcore and other iconic genres of late '90s and early '00s. They also brought together talented artists for a number of intriguing limited edition split EPs. This made their roster a hotbed for new collaborations and exchanges of ideas. To top it all off, they did this from the tiny state of Delaware, a state with no major cities or renown. Though the label has been a lot less active for a few years now, their impact on music cannot be ignored.

This special edition of Make More Noise just begins to scratch the surface of Jade Tree's extensive catalog. If you've never heard of this label, be prepared for an awesome education. And, if you're familiar, prepare yourself for a delightfully nostalgic walk down memory lane.

Originally aired live on, a service of USC.

Make More Noise 59 (Jade Tree Edition) by Sachi Subterranean on Mixcloud

Indian Summer - Pedro The Lion
Billions Millions - Cloak/Dagger
Lose Me - Denali
Come Back Alive - Ester Drang
The Final Goodbye - From Ashes Rise
Queen & John - Good Riddance
Sweet Avenue - Jets To Brazil
God Bless America - Joan Of Arc
Red & Blue Jeans - The Promise Ring
Cheap Shot Youth - Kid Dynamite
Anti-Anti - Snowden
Just Another Night With The Boys - Dark Blue
Diggin A Grave - Micah P. Hinson
Shrink To Fit - Milemarker
O Is The One That Is Real - My Morning Jacket
Bitte Ein Kuss - Onelinedrawing
Sunset On 32nd Street - Strike Anywhere
Echo Boomer - Fucked Up