Seasons Greetings Postcards

Sometimes, we as humans can get fixated on little achievements that often seem meaningless to other people. It can be something that starts as a hobby, and then takes up the evening hours or every day for years on end. After years of obscurity, perhaps it one day reaches a scale that cannot be ignored, and then hopefully there's some positive recognition. This project has been a little like that for me, though on a far less grand scale than Salvation Mountain or Watts. My secret obsession, dream if we're going to be generous, is to have my photos of national parks printed and made available to sale in those park's gift shops. Not because I want the money, but because I can't stop going to national parks and taking photos. It mostly comes from wanting to share how I see these beautiful wild places with other people, who also appreciate them, and some strange need for subtle recognition of my dedication.

Anyway, the first step towards this strange quest (really who sends postcards anymore besides me anyways?) is to actually have postcards of my photos made. So, with the holiday season as an excuse, and a little design help from Ian Barnard, I finally created 3 postcards, and had them printed. I've already mailed off 50 of these beautiful prints to family and friends this holiday season, so keep any eye on your mailbox! Otherwise, enjoy the digital versions below.

Seasons greetings! Merry solstice! Happy new year!