Top 20 Songs of November 2015

Every month I comb through all the new releases and personally select the top 20 best songs released that month. Then I lovingly craft them into a play list for your--yes YOU--listening pleasure. It's like a mixtape of the month club, but via the interwebz. Follow my Best New Music of 2015 playlist on Spotify, for all the updates and rad new tunes.

The final stretch! November is the last month for labels and artists to get their music out there and make a good impression before critics, fans, and wanna be music bloggers (such as my humble self) solidify their best-of-the-year lists. Give these new releases a listen to hear who's hustling to make the cut, and who's preparing to take 2016 by storm.

'WTF (Where They From)' - Missy Elliot feat. Pharrell Williams : OG queen bae is back and better than ever. Taking several years to focusing on producing seems to have help take her skills to another level. Youngin pop stars need to step back and take a lesson.

'Can't Get Enough Of Myself' - Santigold feat. B.C. : 3rd full-length is set to drop first thing in the new year, and this single is very promising. It's been my personal anthem for self-love lately.

'First Mythz' - Rustie : New album, EVENIFUDONTBELIEVE, dropped at the beginning of the month, and its almost hard to believe that something this cohesive could be crafted so quickly on the heels of his 2014 full-length. These weird wonky beats are a great primer on weird trip/dub sounds.

'Not Afraid' - Basic Tape : Parisian duo seem to have had their chilled club beats go viral on Soundcloud and YouTube, but not too much else seems to be know about them...yet. Major record deal would not be surprising.

'Leaves' - M. Maggie and Kay Fresco : Here's another random diamond rough, these is an unsigned collab between a Chicago-based producer/remixer Kay and M. Maggie, a poet and singer from NYC. This gem of killed DIY production is off M. Maggie's album Vienna Genesis.

'Free Animal' - Foreign Air : And yet another! 2016 is looking good for new artists. This is the very first song ever from this group, and they already sound like they can given Alt-J a run for their money in the indie pop race.

'State of Undress' - George Cosby : Like if Rick Astley was serious and had some sort of weird freaky Friday accident with Jaimie XX. This Human Touch EP is not enough. We need a full-length.

'Let's Fall in Love Some More' - Al Bairre : I've been banging this folktronica drum all freakin' year. Can't stop, won't stop! This aggressively fun set is from Cape Town, South Africa and demands that you jump up and down whiling clapping until your hands are sore.

'God Damn Fool' - Charlie Sztyk : This song is off the ambitiously titled The Arc, Pt. 1 & 2, but delivers. Charlie is a rambling, rocking, story teller in tradition of many sad, yet all-American bards from New Jersey (yes, yes The Bruce, etc.).

'Everybody's Son' - Cloves : Sparse acoustic guitar allows this unique voice to shine. Earthy and vulnerable, this will pull the strings of the coldest hearts.

'Waiting for Your Love' - Lawrence Taylor : Honey dripping bluesy goodness with electric guitar licks that practically weep until they jam into a crescendo of longing. This Londoner's got soul.

'Summer Was A Day' - Pete Yorn : New single from Pete Yorn has a slightly more experimental sheen to it than previous works. It's been 5 years since his last solo release, so maybe we can expect something big for the new year?

'To Know You' - Wild Nothing : Gearing up to release a 3rd full-length in 2016, Jack Tatum seems to have found a decidedly psychedelic new sound. This is big and spacey with complex layers that drone into each other.

'Wall Watcher' - Sunflower Bean : Ladies have been taking the garage lo-fi thing by storm. Blessed be! This band has a nice dash of psychedelia, which gives it a little something extra and interesting.

'I Want to Know (Your Love)' - Palmas : Strange 60's Cali throwback that even kind of sounds like it was recorded on tape, but there's something that's off just the right amount. Maybe because the band is actually from Philly?

'Queso' - Pell : Long have I held a secret soft spot for the dirty south sound, but it's been ripe for something new for awhile now. Meet Pell, hailing from New Orleans, and seemingly open to the melting pot of sounds that have collided in NOLA over the centuries.

'Beautiful Rain' - Jude Woodhead : First and only track from a brand new artist that doing some truly beautiful here while alluding to St. Germain influences, or perhaps a happier Romare? This could be an interesting artist to watch.

'Break Away - Cool Uncle feat. Jesse Ware : This is a really weird collab between pop writer/producer Jack Splash and 1970s soul singer Bobby Caldwell, who's borderline one-hit-wonder status. Together they've created Cool Uncle and released a full-length featuring a number of famous soul singers including Mayer Hawthorne and CeeLo Green.

'Stardust' - WDL feat. Elliphant : WDL claims to be from the moon, but they're signed by Sony so we'll see how quickly they get pulled back to earth. This savvy use of found sounds and vocoder features vocals and raps from Swedish sonic chameleon Elliphant.

'Ego' - Bibi Bourelly : Berlin-born Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter has worked with Rihanna and Lil Wayne, and is yet a tender 20 years old. She's starting to breakout as a performer in her own right, and her voice is raw and rebellious. This song explodes with the lovable arrogance and audacity of youth.