KXSC Sound Sounds 10.12.2016

This week's episode goes dives deep into the indie folk, but comes up for air with spontaneous dance breaks.

Looking for some morning inspiration? Tune in to Sound Sounds with Sachi Subterranean and discover new music from a range of genres from house to folk, post-punk to ambient, and everything in between. Each week I listen to all the new releases, handpick the choicest tracks, and lovingly craft them into playlists for music fans with curious minds and open ears. Come find your new favorite artist to obsess over with me!

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I broadcast live from 7:30 to 8:30am PT (GMT -7) every Wednesday. You can stream the show at KXSC.org or by downloading the TuneIn App to your phone and searching for 'KXSC Radio' (click that heart button, yo!).

Podcasts and playlists of each show will be posted on this very fine interweb publication within a week of airing, lik dis:

1.Ultraviolet by Dagny
2.New Friend by Ry-Lo
3.Magic Hour by Aoife O'Donovan
4.Falling Son by River Whyless
5.Shiver by San Fermin, Sam Amidon
6.Tomorrow by Shakey Graves
7.Divine Design by The Mulligan Brothers
8.What I Had in Mind by The Wild Reeds
9.Never Be Mine by Angel Olsen
10.Come Up For Air by Skylar Grey
11.Out Of My System by Youngr
12.XO by Nightly
13.Rescue Me by Unions
14.The Root by Magna Carda
15.Who Loves You? by Romare

Or you can follow me on Spotify where I keep playlists for every show. Though of course, listening on Spotify will cause you to miss the sweet sound of my voice in the talk-breaks ;)