KXSC Sound Sounds 11.09.2016

This episode was recorded live the morning after the 2016 US presidential election. I wasn't able to sleep after the results were announced, and I did the show with a whole heap of feels. For the 1st minute I reflected on my philosophy about the election, and got a little #realtalk about moral obligation. I spoke from my heart, and I hope it resonates with you, dear listener.

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Podcasts and playlists of each show will be posted on this very fine interweb publication within a week of airing, lik dis:

1. Fire Under Water by Girl Blue
2. Healer by Campdogzz
3. Painting (Masterpiece) by Lewis Del Mar
4. Good News by Ocean Park Standoff
5. Wake The Dead by Nassau
6. Snowday by Yoke Lore
7. Angel In The Snow by Joyce Manor
8. Botched Execution by Shovels & Rope
9. The Glow by Matt Pond PA
10. Make It Easy by Jadea Kelly
11. Yours to Keep by Jordan Mackampa
12. Little Bird by Angelica Garcia
13. Before The World Explodes by The Wind and The Wave
14. In the Water by D.D Dumbo
15. Wake in Fright by Desert Planes
16. I'm So Confused by Goldensuns
17. Thumbs by Sabrina Carpenter
18. Calling All by Phantogram
19. Is It Over by Disco Fries, Shanahan

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